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FVCKRENDER's 'SHIFT' to be Auctioned with Sotheby's

H+ Creative's very own FVCKRENDER will be auctioning his piece, 'SHIFT' with luxury auctioneer Sotheby's in June. This is a revolutionary time for digital artwork as Sotheby's is known for their traditional auctioning of historical and physical artwork. Here's what they had to say about FVCKRENDER and his piece:

FVCKRENDER’s whole body of work is a diary, one based on the artist’s past experiences and infused with his desire to positively influence the present. For the Vancouver-based artist, the act of creation is a self-healing mechanism where one can deal with one’s difficulties with mental health head-on. His practice thus centers upon conversations about personal growth which ultimately give him the courage to confront issues from his past.

As he does not like to put his work in a box, he offers minimal elucidation concerning the meaning of the present work, SHIFT, instead preferring for the viewer to lean into their own emotions when they see and experience it. However, when pressed for what it means to him, the artist explains that, in his life, this represents the calm after the storm, the time when he no longer feels guilty about taking time for himself, when one is able to step back and truly understand what is around them. Fluorescent serenity, a figure sinking again and again into a viscous, galaxy-like substance - there is a sense of peace both within the individual and in his relationship to his environment, a peace that is a SHIFT from the infinitesimal cares of this world.

On the subject of NFTs, Fvckrender’s view is unequivocal, “The fact that we 'digital' artists are being recognized, as we have worked so hard for so long only to get turned down by so many galleries, it's a paradigm shift in our existence. We have been relegated to a category outside of fine art, but our impact has been much more global. Look at the commercials, films, products, and social media pages that people love and there are digital artists behind them. NFTs allow for the value we have created on culture to be returned to us financially and for that, I am eternally grateful. Another concept I enjoy is the ease at which one can track the providence and ownership of NFTs. I love the transparency of the blockchain just as I love being transparent emotionally with each of my works.”

For more information about FVCKRENDER, visit his artist page!


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