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Greg Ito's 'Sink or Swim' At Anat Ebgi

Anat Ebgi recently presented Greg Ito’s first solo exhibition in New York, "Sink or Swim," featuring an intriguing mix of paintings and a prominent sculpture, on display from March 20 to April 25 at 372 Broadway.

The exhibition opened with a reception on March 20 and plunged visitors into a dramatic, immersive environment where a golden shark looms within a flooded gallery, symbolizing the relentless rise of fear, precarity, and hardship.

Ito’s meticulous paintings, free of visible brushstrokes and vibrant with layered house paints, reflect a modern take on Pop art, critiquing consumer culture through sleek, storybook-like imagery.

Themes of disaster intertwine with personal and universal narratives, including references to Ito’s heritage and new experiences as a father, creating a poignant exploration of survival and hope amid chaos.

For more information on Greg Ito, visit his profile page!


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