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H+ Creative Stands with Ukraine

UkraineRelief is a charity collection started by Parker Yiltch which aims to provide funds for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. The collection is composed of 37 talented artists in the NFT space, including H+ Artist MBSJQ. JQ's work was exclusively featured on display by VELLUM LA.

100% of the proceeds from NFT purchases will be donated Ukraine DAO.

Eugene Ggolovanchuk, better known as Skeeva, has several minted pieces currently being listed. All profits will be donated directly transferred to people in need in the most hot spots.

For additional ways to to support Ukraine directly:

Direct Donations:

Crypto Donations: Support for Ukraine directly in crypto (wallets of the government): BTC - 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P ETH - 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14 USDT (trc20) - TEFccmfQ38cZS1DTZVhsxKVDckA8Y6VfCy has a collection of vetted and trusted resources, charities, and organizations to help Ukraine.

Vostok SOS provides immediate evacuation support.

Malteser International provides essentials for Ukrainian refugees.

Ukraine Crisis Media Center provides fundraising links and a list of tips for sharing information.


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