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H+ Creative Welcomes CHAD KNIGHT to the Artist Roster!

Chad Knight, former 'Head of 3D Design' at Nike is an artist and retired professional skateboarder. His vibrant digital art moves between the meditative and the frenetic, existing in alien worlds.

Chad has redefined the future of consumer and employee experience, product, wellness, and commerce, through the purposeful use of, and future proof strategies for, the use of Digital, CAD, 3D, 4D, Virtual and Interactive technologies, and also throughout the production process, from insights, and downstream to consumer-facing experiences.

He has created custom 3D design tools and techniques providing creative advantages through distinguished aesthetics and lead a team of 3D Designers and Leads, who creatively collaborate with product design, exponentially increase creativity exploration and design problem-solving.

For more information on Chad Knight, visit his artist profile!


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