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David Oku for Mercedes

Introducing Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming's groundbreaking project in esports, "Project Avarosa." This innovative League of Legends team, comprised exclusively of female and non-binary members, receives unwavering support from Mercedes-Benz, including a striking addition: a custom-designed Mercedes-Benz EQA 300 4MATIC crafted by acclaimed graphic designer David Oku.

Oku's artistic collaboration underscores the project's commitment to celebrating individuality and creative diversity. His unique vision brings a vibrant and emblematic design to the team vehicle, symbolizing inclusivity within the esports community. Through initiatives like the SK Gaming eJuniorCup, powered by Mercedes EQ, and their partnership with the League of Legends Worlds, Mercedes-Benz, alongside artists like Oku, is reshaping esports into a realm where diversity thrives and talent transcends boundaries.

For more information on David Oku, visit his profile page!


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