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LeBook Connections 2023: NY Recap!

During LeBook Connections NYC 2023, we had the opportunity to showcase the incredible talent of our artists. The event, held in the Big Apple, proved to be a phenomenal experience for everyone in attendance.

From animators to illustrators, designers to stylists, we displayed a diverse range of artistic skills and creativity. Attendees and jurors had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand the impressive portfolio of these artists, showcasing their unique perspectives and innovative approaches to their respective crafts.

The event attracted a wide array of individuals from the creative industry, including art directors, editors, producers, and other professionals seeking fresh talent for their projects. LeBook Connections NYC provided a stunning venue at the Metropolitan Pavilion for networking andfostering collaborations. We were thrilled to meet and connect with new people who were eager to explore potential partnerships and create something amazing together.

Thank you for joining us at LeBook Connections 2023, and we're looking forward to seeing you in the next city!


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