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H+ Creative invites you to take a peek into the vibrant cybernetic world of Bloowoods. Bloowoods is a motion designer, 3D artist, and animator based in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. His work features mechanistic android forms paired with emotionally compelling vivid scenery. With a six-year video editing background, he has developed a niche in creating affluential content and is passionate about innovative design.

H+: You got your start in the art world with an impressive six years of video editing. When did you decide to learn 3D and how was your video-editing experience influenced how you create 3D art?

Bloowoods: That seems so long ago now. It was a progressive change really. Most of my income came from editing and directing music videos, so naturally I learned visual effects to enhance my work. I also feel like I reached a ceiling with After Effects, so learning Cinema 4D became a logical next step. I came across a Beeple piece a few years back and thought that could be a cool hobby to get into.

I think my understanding of composition, lighting and color influenced my current work. It takes a lot of variables to create that money shot. I think a lot of that transferred to my 3D art.

H+: You have watched Fight Club 237 times!? What does that movie mean to you?

Bloowoods: Haha, yea it may be around 244 now. But I really love that movie for many reasons. The writing was spot on. It has so many quotes that I still use to this day, like "the things you own end up owning you." The cinematography... *chefs kiss*. Some people view Fight Club as an endorsement of violence and hyper masculinity, which I can definitely see for sure. But I also resonate with the theme of breaking societal restraints on regular people. You can break out of the box once you realize you're in a box.

H+: What is your most proud achievement through your creativity? Bloowoods: I feel like I'm pretty early in my 3D art career. But my most proud achievement so far is just finding my style through posting my work everyday. You can literally see the growth and style shift by looking at my Instagram page through the years.

H+: Is there a dream client you would love to work with?

Bloowoods: I grew up watching Toonami and Adult Swim shows late at night. I would love to work on a psychedelic Adult Swim bumper / commercial or even doing concept art for a show on there. I would also love to create an animated video for a TDE artist, like Kendrick Lamar or SZA. There are some talented artists at that label.

H+: You state in your bio that you are "helping creatives." What does it mean for you to assist other artists?

Bloowoods: Great question. I'm a self-taught 3D artist, so I understand how hard it is at times to find the right resources and motivation. So it's super important to me to stay accessible. I answer every question artists may have, point them to the right tutorials and give advice to the best of my abilities. I also love the fact that this 3D art community is so embracing and helpful. I've gotten great advice along the way so I feel it's only right to pass it forward.

H+: Where do you see your art headed?

Bloowoods: Representation is very important to me. Part of the reason why I entered this space was because I didn't see many artists that look like me in it. And most of the cool work I saw involved grey floating bald figures (no knock to anyone creating that haha). But I just want to continue to develop this sci-fi world with characters of color in my work, as well as inspire young black kids to hop into this space. If I can accomplish that, I'd be a happy camper.

H+: The pandemic allowed time for creatives to focus on their work. Did you learn anything new or has your workflow improved throughout this time?

Bloowoods: Yea the pandemic definitely made everyone slow down and reevaluate things. I made sure to learn a few new software to add to my toolkit. Zbrush for sure, as well as Unreal Engine. My workflow became more precise as well. During the pandemic, I took creating everdays more seriously, so just being in Cinema 4d everyday made my work flow more efficient. I definitely champion that mentality. Consistency will take you exactly where you need to go.

For more information on H+ Extended Roster Artist Bloowoods, visit his artist page!


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