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David Oku is a London based graphic artist and illustrator who inspires movement and positivity through creativity. He draws inspiration from surroundings and sounds, be it signage, lyrics or simply overheard conversations to create bold and colorful designs bursting with energy.

H+: Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I follow a lot of artists, but I tend not to focus on their work as I believe that the more you look at other peoples work you subconsciously tend to absorb artistic elements. Therefore my influences come from life - any moment can be inspiring to me. I think my roots and the fact that I travelled so much from an early age has definitely had an impact on my art and inspired me to become the artist I am today.

H+: You mention you can draw anything from your mind, what are common themes that you tend to go back to?

The themes I tend to go back to are always connected to positive vibes.

H+: How do you see your work progressing?

I guess that the next step for me will be bringing my work into the 3D Space.

H+: Which have been some of your favorite client projects?

I have worked across multiple projects and had some big clients on my list, but the brand that will always stay in my heart is Wit Fitness. They have been my clients/family since day one and have always believed in my art, offering me multiple platforms to promote my art and linking me with brands such as Nike, Under Armour and Reebok. Thanks to them I did my first live events, shoe customizations and various campaign designs for the brands they sell in their stores. It's great to have your client believe in your potential and I can’t thank them enough for opening doors I needed to open in order to keep thriving as a freelance

H+: Are there other techniques, methods, or medium you'd like to explore when making art?

Definitely, I started my professional journey with photography and graphic design, now I am strong with digital illustration and animation. I also looking into 3d, so for me anything i can learn along the way will be great for growth!

H+: What's the purpose or goal of your work?

My art is all about positive energy. So I hope when people see my work, they get a smile on their faces and get inspired as we all are artists in our own way. We just need to find our way.

H+: What motivates you to create?

I simply love drawing and I am always motivated to create. Drawing and creating art is what makes my hearth beat, there is no day I spend without drawing something, apart from when I take a holiday oversea with my family.

H+: Tell me about your techniques for overcoming creative blocks.

In the days I have creative blocks I simply push my self in doing something, It can even be taking a break from digital art and going for a mural paint or painting a canvas at home. It doesn't matter what I end up doing, the important is any direction I choose to take will lead me into a new idea with a new direction.

For more information on David Oku visit his artist page!


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