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Prateek Vatash is an artist and illustrator based in India. His work involves neon-infused visuals, often combining 3D and 2D mixed media elements inspired by retro aesthetics, the occult, video games, interior design, and architecture. We chat with Prateek about where his art has taken him, how living in India impacts his influence, and what's next in store.

H+: How does living in Bangalore impact your art?

P: I have been very much at home in Bangalore for a while. I had the foundation and beginnings of my art/design education and career from this city, so there is a sense of constant, familiarity and comfort, which is a great environment to be at peace and focus on the work at hand. It’s not a very fast-paced city, so I’ve felt like I have had the time and opportunity to really explore myself and my art to be what it is today.

H+: You’ve mentioned that your visions are derived from multiple interests in the fields of typography, architecture, interior design, and the occult. What, or who are you most inspired by?

P: I knew that if I had not become an illustrator or artist, I would have wanted to work with spaces and buildings. This fascination with architecture and interior design has had a lot of influence on my work today. Music I grew up listening to and discovering over the years has played a big part in shaping me and my work as well. In college, I also spent time studying some occult theory along with art, so I still find myself going back to that at times for inspiration. Today, social media has also been a great source of inspiration, and to discover and stay connected with other artists and peers.

H+: Your art has been exhibited in some exciting places, from TedX Bangalore to 36DaysExpo in Barcelona. Where do you envision your work being displayed next?

P: I have been looking forward to a solo exhibition sometime in the future. It would be hard to pick a place where I would want that to happen, but it would definitely be exciting someplace new for sure. I guess what would be more important is if I am able to achieve what I envisioned and dreamed of in that exhibit.

H+: You have a knack for blending 3D with 2D––what software or tools do you depend on for your process?

P: I really enjoy messing around with the formats and mediums while making art, trying out textures, new brushes, or any method that I feel like exploring. Most of the 3D part of the work and rendering is done in Cinema4D, which is then processed on Photoshop and Illustrator. I have recently also started including Procreate in my workflow, which has allowed me to experiment with my work on the go, and quickly ideate and explore concepts before fleshing them out.

H+: We all seem to be adjusting to new workflows as we navigate a global pandemic––how has the impact of COVID-19 affected your workspace, if at all?

P: I would consider myself lucky since I have been used to working from my home studio for a while, so I did not experience too much of a change in my environment physically. The only thing that was different was probably the amount of time spent indoors was a lot more compared to earlier, which at times did feel a little strange. Also knowing that there were restrictions imposed on us was a little challenging when it came to being inspired at times.

H+: You’ve worked with an impressive range of clients from around the world so far. Who would you love to collaborate with next?

P: I think I would love to try working a bit more in the entertainment or music industry. As a kid, I was fascinated by music packaging and used to really admire and collect CDs and packages which had a great design and art direction. That is something I haven’t ventured much into yet and I would absolutely love to in the future.

H+: Name your favorite genre of music to listen to while you work!

P: The 80s-90s Pop and early 2000s pop-punk-rock have got to be my go-to genres while working!

For more information on H+ Aritst Prateek Vatash, visit his website and follow his socials!


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