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At H+ Creative, we're keen on introducing new grounds and artistic space sourced by the work of our talented artists. Eugene Golovanchuk, also known as Skeeva, began his career as a self-taught Art Director and Digital 3d Artist with a life enveloped in 3D dark-art surrealism, captivating in its cyberpunk flare. He combines a multitude of tools, shapes and colours to cultivate visual delicacies that lead to the invention of his own unique stylistic stamp within the digital art world.

H+: What is the name behind Skeeva? Can you tell us where your artist name originated from?

Skeeva: So the original story was when I was a kid, and as most of the kids were playing video games I always wanted a unique nickname. Not like "Sniper" or "Assassin" haha, so I became digging into Ukrainian history. I was always fascinated by the tales and history of nomad tribes called "Skiffs" - they were controlling most of the Eastern Europe long time ago. So then I thought wow, this name sounds super dope. But at that time someone already took this one, so I had to adapt. Changed it to "Skiv", and after some time I realized that most of the characters I was playing were females - so I tweaked it a bit and it became "Skeeva". Something like that.

H+: Much of your work reflects around character models and fashion, can you talk about the role of fashion in your work?

Skeeva: Thanks for asking. For the most of time in my career, I was always in search of visual anchors that were driving my aesthetics and shaped my style. Characters became a very important piece of my work since the human body can speak 1000 words by just freezing in a specific pose, you know what I mean? A single body can tell a story and it's amazing.

Speaking of fashion and outfits - yeah, for the past year I've been deeply working in fashion design, creating both my own outfits or recreating some for the huge brands. So my naked characters now had outfits, yey! :) But seriously, at some point I had to leave my comfort zone and evolve my visual aesthetics and tool set a bit further and digital outfits were the perfect match for that and apparently a single outfit can tell a story by itself as well.

H+: How did you get your start in 3D and Animation? Do you remember your first engagement with it, or seeing it for the first time? Skeeva: Oh yeeeah, I remember trying to create my first creature around 7 years ago - and it was an elemental golem called "Gregory". Oh snap, that was sloppy but fun! After that I've started learning some basic animations in Cinema4D and step by step I'm where I am.

H+: You've worked with an impressive amount of clients, which projects have you enjoyed working on most?

Skeeva: Oh, thank you for that. Well, I think the most enjoyable project was for Adidas. The great part of it was that I had a huge pleasure working with an amazing team of crazy artists and designers at Builders Club. They've taught me so much along the way and the trust they gave me is priceless. If we are talking about solo projects - then it's definitely for SpaceX. Elon Musk's assistance reached out and said - "Hey, Elon wants some of your work in our Space Gallery, you up for it?" - will never forget that haha.

H+: Your work has a video game appeal and you have worked for such clients like SEGA? Do video games influence the art that you create? What influences your work flow?

Skeeva: That's actually a great question. Games took a huge part on setting the visual mindset for sure. Most of my 2-3 y.o works were truly inspired by games and films. Some of my work were inspired by both fantasy and sci-fi universes, and it was so great mixing those two different directions into one.

For now I would say that fashion is taking a huge role in shaping my future aesthetics. And this evolution is so unpredictable and amazing at the same time.

H+: What are some personal projects you're currently working on, or what are some personal endeavors you'd like to dive into?

Skeeva: Oh, there so much to mention. I would say there are 3 key directions:

First is NFTs - the work of crypto art is growing super fast, and I think all of us show be a part of it. Currently focusing on a few huge collaboration with some amazing and truly inspiring artists. Super excited to share it with you very soon.

The second one is Digital Fashion related app we've been building for a year now. I might say it's revolutionary. So many talented devs and creatives are working on it. Super flattered to be in that team. We are planning to deliver it in Q1-2 2021. So charge your phones and get ready haha :)

And the third direction is commission work - a few huge projects in pre-production right now. The brands and companies we all love and adore. And again, super excited to share more details about them asap.

I know there are so many blurred answers but this confidentiality is totally worth it. Trust me!

For more information on H+ Extended Roster Artist Skeeva, visit his artist page!


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