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MISHKO for Jennifer Lynn Alvarez's 'Lies Like Wildfires'

Electrifying digital artist, MISHKO recently revealed his illustration for Jennifer Lynn Alvarez's newest book cover, 'Lies Like Wildfire'. Set in a blaze, the title burns upward like a flame as dust and debris scatter throughout the space.

Lies Like Wildfire is based on real research. I interviewed the Sonoma County Fire District Deputy Chief about wildfire, arson, fire investigations, fire laws, and Red Flag warnings. I enhanced the story with fictional Nixle alerts, press conferences, damage tallies, townsfolk reactions, and fire containment percentages to convey an authentic experience. The book also brings up important questions about climate change and depicts the lengths some people will go to keep a secret, which is perhaps even more terrifying.⁠

For more information on MISHKO, visit his website and follow him on socials!


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