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We are thrilled to welcome MAT VOYCE as the newest addition to the H+ Creative roster!!

Mat is your friendly neighborhood type designer & animator. He specializes in 2D type animation and is mainly known for his pioneering style exploring illustrative kinetic typography. His work infuses letterforms with character and has been applied to animated GIFs, music videos & streaming titles for clients/broadcast globally.

Mat's remarkable journey as a type designer and animator has not only won him acclaim worldwide, but has also caught the attention of some of the most renowned brands and companies worldwide. His distinctive approach to type animation has been a driving force behind captivating visual experiences for clients including but not limited to: Adobe, Amazon Prime, Amazon Books, Android, BBC, Bose, Carvel, Coca-Cola, Disney+, ESPN, GIPHY, Google, GOT MILK, GoDaddy, Honda, Instagram, Lacoste, L.A. Times, Logitech, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, Oreo, Pepsi, Twitch, Uber Eats, UEFA, Yelp, YouTube, Warner Music and more.

View more of MAT VOYCE's work on his H+ page!

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