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Paulina Almira's FEATURE on It's Nice That

H+ Creative Superstar, Paulina Almira, was recently featured on 'It's Nice That,' sharing insights on her childhood. design techniques, and plans for the future.

"Paulina sees her trademark contradictory style as having come to her “totally naturally”. As a child she tells us that whilst she loved “Barbie and Bratz dolls, lavish dresses, the Powerpuff Girls, and anything sparkly”, she also spent much of her time reading “horror fiction, fantasy, and steampunk novels” and was fascinated by “anything gory and morbid”. Being born and raised in the Philippines before moving to the US, Paulina’s early love of fashion kickstarted her interest in creativity. Taking drawing and painting lessons in high school, in college she was eventually introduced to the world of graphic design and digital art where she discovered and “fell in love with” Photoshop’s illustrator tool. Pursuing a fashion career and briefly working in tech, Paulina eventually adopted freelance illustration as her full time gig."

"Slowly dipping her toes into the world of 3D and animation, Paulina has hopes to collaborate with fashion and beauty brands, and maybe to even enter the digital fashion world herself. “As people slowly build and grow accustomed to the metaverse, digi-fashion will definitely be a thing and I want to be part of it.” Looking to take things even further, Paulina has even toyed with the idea of producing physical sculptures of her work: “a hand and heart maybe, or eyeballs in a glass of whiskey. I think that would be super cool.”"

For more information on Paulina Almira, visit her artist profile!


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