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We're Glowing with Illuminated 2023 Energy!

We LOVE a strong start, so we figured why not start 2023 out right with a celebration of some of our favorite work from the past year! Our artists have had the absolute pleasure to be a part of some of the most visually stunning campaigns, partnerships and collaborations we've seen yet!

Check out some of our top picks from the projects we are honored (as always) to partner with for clients such as: Porsche, Madonna, Art Basel Miami, Lil Nas X, Burberry, Genesis, Gucci and of course, the dynamic work from our killer artist roster across the globe.

We welcome this new year with open arms and strive for an even stronger finish. Thank you for your endless love and support, we're sending it right back 'atcha. Let's get into it!

Building upon the dream of how Porsche began, H+ Artists gathered to create their own interpretations of that vision in these stylish animations featuring the Porsche Taycan, a pure expression of an electric sports car. H+ very own Blake Kathryn, Bloo Woods, & Peter Tarka created several dreamscapes for the campaign, shared on various mediums from digital banners, outdoor installs and a massive 3D billboard placed in New York's Times Square. Thank you to our friends at Cramer-Krasselt for this one.

It was a legendary year for Australian talent, Jason Ebeyer, who unleashed a timeless character interpretation for the legendary musical talent Madonna. Envisioned in glossy Ebeyer nature, the snow queen stands fearless, completely exposed to the glacial blizzard. These frosty animations and stills was used to promote her song 'Frozen on Fire,' remixed of by SickickMusic.

We were honored to bring H+ Creative artists and friends to Art Basel Miami in 2022 thanks to the incredible support of Superchief Gallery. Our 'Subnautica' exhibition was showcased at the Scope art fair, featuring an all-star roster of talent. The events of the week allowed visitors to purchase uniquely digital art as NFTs online and visit the work IRL for the duration of the art fair. With a full feature takeover on the massive 20' Digital Monolith screens upon entering, an exhibition showcase in the art fair's Media Lab and massive stages featuring the artworks- it felt like H+ was EVERYWHERE.

Talk about stage presence!! H+ Creative was giving immersive pastel NAS energy for this series of work and got to shine on stage with Lil Nas X throughout his Long Live Montero Tour in 2022. Comprised of 29 shows, the Long Live Montero Tour featured visually stunning backdrops from H+ Artists, Blake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, and Aeforia with dynamic motion visuals to match some of Nas' top tracks and

H+ artist and Vancouver luminary, SMECCEA, teamed up with luxury brand Burberry, creating her own stunning interpretations to showcase Burberry's latest logo. The animations were used to promote the logo change on social platforms, featuring artists & animators on their TikTok profile. Her gorgeous renditions of the Burberry logo in her signature reflective treatments will stand the test of time with the high profile, timeless brand.

Our partnership with Genesis automobiles continued with another round of futures-capes by H+ artists to celebrate Genesis' new flagship sedan, the 2023 G90. Blake Kathryn, Bloo Woods, Peter Tarka, Skeeva, and Smeccea all participated in Genesis' #MakeYourMark Campaign, visualizing their own creative mark on the world. Thank you again to the incredibly hard work of the Innocean team for the trust on this one.

Another heavy hitter (what do you expect?!) from H+ Creative's very own Paulina Almira on her stunningly surreal partnership with the iconic Gucci brand for an immersive experience exploring ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’. It begins with Vault Art Space and their first NFT exhibition and auction. Created through a partnership between Gucci and SuperRare, the crypto-art gallery will present a regular rotation of digital works created by a selection of visionary artists. BLESSED.


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