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H+ IN CONVERSATION: Q&A with Fanny Papay

H+:Your work ranges from digital to physical work. Do you have a preference in form making?

FANNY: I prefer to start my work in physical space then retouching it in After Effects, & Photoshop depending on the project requirements. I believe it can be more exciting to create something physically then colouring and reshaping it. The result looks more original using this way and gives it a kinda strange perspective question like:”Is it 3D or is it real?”

H+: What role does nature play in your work?

FANNY: I like using flowers and different kinds of plants. I truly love the aesthetic of them, and they have so many symbols that I can use in exciting narratives. I like to transfer my experiments to natural aesthetics, but not in a common way.

H+: Do you find the most inspiring moments happen while working in your studio or out in the world?

FANNY: Both. I like surfing on the net, and thinking of the project while sketching, but outside I can find so many little, sometimes so weird, moments which can boost something in my mind.

H+: What are three words to define your work?

FANNY: Experimental, surreal, sensitive

H+: How much experimentation took place before arriving at your current aesthetic?

FANNY: First I figure out the concept, after that I make different plans and finally I try them to see how it works in practice.

H+: Has there been a moment in your career as an artist that you would consider a turning point for you?

What was a defining moment in your career?

FANNY: I remember the first moment, which changed my career. I had to make a poster for a party. I decided to make a photo for this project, but I have never been involved this kind of tasks. I had no clue how, but it worked.

Lot of people shared it on tumblr, my work became so popular, and it made me so crazy. It gave a big boost to my career path. So from this moment, I tried to use more photography in my projects.

H+: When your not creating art, what are your favorite things to do?

FANNY: I’m so lucky that my hobby is my job, so when I’m not doing it I try to find things that lets me relax. I like going to the cinema frequently, I love trying new things whatever it is, a new restaurant or just a nice place where I’ve never been before.

H+: Do you ever watch movies or listen to podcasts or music during the process? Any recommendations?

FANNY: During work, I'm usually listening to minimal techno. It helps me to concentrate and gives me a good rhythm for work. If I do something which does not need high concentration I listen to these and so many others: Reijje Snow, Yaeji, or IAMDDB.

Fav during work: Mall Grab

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