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H+ is happy to announce we now represent: SMECCEA!

H+ is thrilled to welcome Vancouver-based animator SMECCEA to our roster!

SMECCEA is a motion designer based in Vancouver. Her work often examines abstract ideas, spirituality, and self discovery. She grounds her work based on careful introspection, always drawn to working in many creative mediums. Some of her recent clients include Lil Yachty, SZA, Post Malone, Metro Boomin, and Made in Tokyo.

We asked her to describe her creative process for us. Read about it below!

H+: Describe your aesthetic in one sentence: S: Surreal, Dreamlike and immersive aesthetic that stretches the boundaries of reality. H+: What is your background and how did you get into creating digital artwork? S: I went to digital design and web development school, worked as a freelance photographer and started creating daily gifs with the rise of Tumblr that eventually became a full time freelance job. H+: What things or subjects inspire your work? What themes do you work with? S: I enjoy nature as its the first blueprint of all creation as well as books mostly and fantasy worlds. I love seeing how games are made and how films are broken down and how fashion designers and musicians look at different aspects of their craft. It all in the end translates to the same medium we all speak. H+: Who are your influences? Favorite artists? S: Michael Jackson, J.K. Rowling, Tyler The Creator, Chief Keef, Phil Knight, Nick Knight H+: Who would your dream project be with? (Person or company or brand). And/or what industries are you excited to work with (Music, entertainment, etc.)? S: Dream project would be with Tyler the creator or Stussy or any streetwear clothing brands and even Wizarding World/ Universal Studios H+: What is your favorite program(s) to use for creating your work? Why? S: Maxon Cinema 4D, Marvelous Designer and Octane Maxon Cinema 4D has the most seamless workflow that you can build on everyday and learn new things that can make the software more robust and deep. Marvelous Designer because I love streetwear and intimate wear and love being able to design my own patterns and clothes simulations very easily. Octane is by far the fastest render engine I worked with, node based is fairly easy to use and the results are beautiful and versatile. H+: What is your favorite thing about Vancouver? S: Nature and the air. H+: Besides creating art, how do you spend your time? S: Mediation, Nature Hikes/Walks, Travel, Reading, Yoga. H+: What are you currently listening to or what music do you listen to while you are working? S: Chief Keef, Movie soundtracks by amazing composers like John Williams, some chill house music sometime I like it quite while working but when I take walks I listen to audio books and podcasts, usually on repeat is Harry Potter and lots of Motion Design podcasts. H+: What has been your favorite project that you have worked on and why? S: I loved working with Majid Jordan amazing music and great chemistry in the process of creation and emotion linked to the tracks they were producing.

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