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H+ Creative Takes the Creative Award for 'Best in Production - Event'

H+ Creative just scored a major win at Lebook Connections NY! Blake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, and Aeforia take home the creative award for the 'Best in Production - Event' at Lebook Connections 2023. This is the second creative award won from Lebook Connections 2023, following up on our win at Lebook West Coast for our Porsche Taycan Campaign.

Comprised of 29 shows, the Long Live Montero Tour features visually stunning backdrops from H+ Artists Blake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, and Aeforia, with additional art direction by Blake Kathryn herself.

Take a closer look at the Long Live Montero Tour!

For more information on our artists, visit the H+ Creative Roster!


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