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H+ Creative wins BEST in VIDEO ADVERTISING for Porsche Campaign

H+ Creative Artists Blake Kathryn, Bloo Woods, and Peter Tarka have won the Lebook's Best in Video Advertising Creative Award for their exceptional work on the Porsche Taycan campaign. The luxury car brand's all-electric Taycan model was presented in an array of futuristic environments through various mediums, such as digital banners, outdoor wallscapes, and 3D billboards.

The team's outstanding talents and creativity brought the dream of how Porsche began to life. The campaign was electrifying and demonstrated how our dreams keep driving us forward. Each animation presented in the campaign was unique and showcased the capabilities of the Taycan model in a futuristic setting. The artists ability to seamlessly blend technology and artistry to showcase the Porsche Taycan model in futuristic environments was truly remarkable.

The award-winning campaign has set a new standard for marketing campaigns in the automotive industry. It demonstrates the power of creativity and how technology can be used to bring ideas to life in exciting and captivating ways. 

Take a closer look at the Porsche Taycan Project!

For more information on our artists, visit the H+ Creative Roster!


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