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Introducing Alex Valentina, a talented member of our H+ Family Artists. Alex Valentina is a captivating digital artist from London and Norway. Their mesmerizing artwork combines metallic-toned flora, poetic aphorisms, and fantastical creatures, creating a unique universe that enchants viewers. With an impressive clientele that includes Vogue, Apple, Maison Kitsunè, and BMW, Alex continues to dazzle audiences with their masterful creations.

Alex continues to construct their unique universe, dazzling audiences with a prestigious clientele that includes Vogue, Apple, Maison Kitsunè, and BMW. Here's some words through the imaginative mind of Alex Valentina:

H+: How would you define your creative output in three words?

Alex Valentina: Bucolic, shiny, honest.

H+: What are your guilty pleasures when you're not actively working on new artistic projects?

Alex Valentina: Watching as many movie trailers as I can find on the internet :)

H+: What would your path have been if you didn't end up as a creative?

Alex Valentina: I would definitely work in a laboratory studying something related to microbiology or chemistry.

H+: What constitutes the highlight of your days as a creative individual?

Alex Valentina: Reading for an hour after breakfast, whether it's a book or catching up on the news. Spending the morning working on my projects without checking emails, avoiding calls, and minimizing interactions with the outside world. Eating fruit salad snacks at random times throughout the day.

H+: In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of being an artist?

Alex Valentina: Remembering why you're doing what you’re doing and consistently checking in with yourself to see if your work satisfies you. It's important to understand whether you're using your mind and energy effectively or if you could be doing something more valuable with your time. Being an artist comes with privileges and responsibilities. To be honest, what often sabotages me is the doubt that I could be utilising my skills to contribute to something more meaningful. But as I move forward, I make gradual adjustments to avoid falling into patterns that don't align with myself. Currently, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to choose and introspect, allowing me to adjust my path. The least I can do is respect and honor these privileges.

H+: What are your thoughts on parallel universes?

Alex Valentina: What fascinates me about theories, which are obviously speculative at this stage, is that they prompt us to analyze our perception of time and how we often perceive the world through a narrow understanding of it, seeing it as flat, linear and unidirectional.

H+: Do you believe in the afterlife / multiple lives?

Alex Valentina: No, but I do treasure the shared genetics and culture that I have in common with humans who have been on this planet for 300,000 years. We all have our individual perspectives and experiences, but there are common emotional patterns. Despite our unique viewpoints, we often process similar inputs in similar ways. The thought that we are all genetically so similar, that a multitude of people who have died or will be born on this planet have or will navigate life with similar dynamics, makes me feel like I'm part of a relay race.

If I were to choose something that truly makes me feel like I belong, it would be this DNA I possess, which is 99.9% identical to that of all sapiens. Being a product of a tree that will continue to blossom shifts the focus from "me, the fruit" to the tree itself.

H+: What is your vision of a God / higher power?

Alex Valentina: God or a higher power are constructs of the human mind to achieve a sense of balance. They are defence mechanisms we create, among many others. There is nothing wrong with this; our imaginative ability is what has allowed us to survive and evolve compared to other forms of life. Religion is just a part of this projection ability. However, I've never liked how this particular part tends to overshadow all the other aspects. It becomes burdensome and often polarizes discussions about the human need to project a future. The concept of God could use an update. The fact that the word "God" semantically still hasn’t evolved that much seems misleading. Perhaps with a different vocabulary, these topics would come easier.

H+: Do you BELIEVE (in aliens)?

Alex Valentina: It depends on what you mean by "aliens." There is often a sci-fi view of aliens. "Extraterrestrial life" feels more appropriate. If you're asking me whether I think life has formed or exists on other planets, the answer is with high probability “yes”. Astronomical data regarding the number of planets capable of supporting life is pretty vast. When combined with the relative ease with which life (at least in its primordial form, such as microorganisms) emerges, the probabilities become so high that for me it is impossible to believe otherwise. However, the distances that govern the universe are so immense that it is unlikely for two evolved forms of life to have the fortune of encountering each other.

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