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MEET H+ ARTIST: Renderfruit - exclusive Q&A

Renderfruit is a digital 3D artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her art was exhibited at The Times Square, the Denver Clock Tower and she has a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Moving Images (MoMI). Driven by inner thoughts and influenced by music, her art can be eerie, eclectic, multi-layered and surrealistic.

In our conversation, Renderfruit talks about her odd creativity, sporadic pleasures, and her navigating through challenges as an artist.

H+: 3 words that define your creative output?

Renderfruit: Driven, complex, intuitive.

H+: Where do you find motivation for your creative endeavors?

Renderfruit: I find motivation in the deep contemplation of daily micros and macros. It helps me give structure to my thoughts. My way of observing things feels like watching a film in slow motion with low pitched sound, I have enough time to think, feel and acknowledge. Those deep processes give me conclusions to pour to my work which usually starts by writing ideas in daily journaling. Visuals come way after, when a dialogue between a thought and the action of creating a visual happens. Through a typical day, I am constantly coming back and forth from my laptop, where I write my daily register. It feels like a stream from my mind. A natural autobiography.

H+: What is the highlight of your days?

Renderfruit: In the mornings, when I write looking at the garden. If it rains or is cloudy, so much better. It helps the slow motion thing. Also before going to bed I have a long meditation and self care routine that washes the day out and resets me, I love that moment in the day. I like routine, it helps me keep balanced.

H+: What challenges do you face as an artist?

Renderfruit: I´d say overall I´ve reached a point where I really enjoy my work as an artist, I´ve found a way to self regulate and most of the times I am able to keep anxiety outside from my practice. It took time but now I know how it works for me. I´ve learned that the last 2 years. It keeps being a constant challenge tho to keep up to date with all that´s happening on socials and still allow those intentional empty spaced mind moments.

H+: How do you express your emotions through your art?

Renderfruit: By allowing them to take part of the process from the beginning, letting them guide.

H+: If you didn't pursue a creative career, what other path would you have chosen?

Renderfruit: I would be a writer, a fashion designer, a musician, a psychiatrist.

For more information on Renderfruit, visit their profile page!


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