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Nate Rodriguez-Vera for Korn

With the creative guidance and concepting from our friends at TNSN DVSN, Nate Rodriguez Vera captured Korn's legendary aesthetic for their new album, The Nothing.

Encapsulating the iconic intensity of the band while adding his own unique textures and motions, Rodriguez Vera has created a fresh look that still feels classically Korn.

From TNSN DVSN: We were brought on to pay homage to legendary @korn_official, and to reimagine an aesthetic that feels new, but also captures the textures and intensity that have always defined the brand. Honored to craft a fresh aesthetic for their new album, The Nothing.

TNSN credits: @brandonrike / @joeljcook / @utesch / @somenerv / Nick Fancher / Chris Schoenman

From Nate Rodriguez-Vera: Thrilled to have been a part of this project. Thanks to the @tnsn_dvsnteam and @hplus_creative for the opportunity, all the hard work, and patience throughout the process.

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