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Blake Kathryn for The New York Times

Reflecting on popular culture and the psyche of an audience enthralled in the art of astrology, the Times covers this celestial phenomena as something not rooted in science, but in personal anxieties and angst.

Adding a visual representation of the Time’s coverage of astrology’s presence alongside stories of wellness, drugs, sex and the internet, H+ Artist Blake Kathryn illustrates a projection of astrological and earthly elements suspended in a harmonious equilibrium.

As the article reads, “one celestial forecast is certain — the Times will not be printing daily horoscopes anytime soon. However, the paper recently did elaborate on why Virgos are the queens of the internet, and why investors might want to look no further than the stars for their next big risk.

“We're kind of hitting it from all angles,” Styles editor Choire Sicha said, except that it is unlikely readers will see anything more speculative than weather forecasts anytime soon.

“‘Where does astrology go from here?’ is kind of an interesting question to ask as a newspaper,” he added. “I don’t know what that is, because there’s only so far that astrology, as what it is, can take people.”

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