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Can you briefly introduce yourself to us?

I am FVCKRENDER. I am a self-taught electronic visual artist, currently living in Montreal, Canada, and am planning to move to Vancouver.

There is a movie on your Instagram that records your "experience" of "magic encounter" magic blocks on the snowy mountains. Is that what you feel when you are walking or are you planning to make this film? Is each film an approximate production process?

Every time I inject a 3D solid element into a movie, I don't know what the result will be. I usually wait for the computer program to change the result after the automatic calculation. I am passive in the production process, and most of the time I will not have a very clear concept of my work. The most common situation is that although I have a clear concept in advance, there are many different ideas when I actually start making it. In the end, I often overthrow the original intention.

What made you interested in visual art at the beginning?

I have always been fascinated by the 3D situation of the film, but the opportunity to make my first contact with this aspect goes back to the age of 16. At that time, I first met Dan Gaud. He was working as a post-production for some Hollywood movies. I think it was so cool, so I wanted to try to work in this area, but then I found out that it was too Difficult, so I decided to give up soon. Since then, I have probably cut off "communication" with visual art for nearly seven years. By the time I was 24, I had a serious bicycle accident, which caused my left side to be paralyzed. I was so permanently unable to cycle and skate. At that time, I decided to give 3D visual art another chance, and my life has changed dramatically since then.

Where do you usually get inspiration from? Are you a fan of science fiction movies and novels?

I used to draw from science fiction movies and novels, but I am not as addicted as I used to. I am now more inclined to take inspiration in my daily life. For example, when I saw a chain on the street, I would take pictures of it refracting light in the sun and try to reshape it in my own way. I used to try to get inspiration from the work of different Instagram artists, but I think that is really a very bad thing. Everyone is doing the same "creation" and that is just because everyone tends to look for inspiration from each other. But I have absolutely no other meaning, because I have tried this creative mode, so I absolutely understand that every artist needs time to find his own style.

Have you ever thought about working with other artists? Who is at the top of your list of cooperation?

I also want to try different forms of cooperation! Although I think there is still a certain degree of difficulty in reaching consensus with other artists, I am still open to similar cooperation models. In fact, I recently just launched a joint plan with Felipe Pantone. It can be said that I have done the simplest and direct cooperation plan, and we are satisfied with each other.

When you were 17 years old, you dropped out of school and resolutely joined the art industry. Did your family support you? What makes you so convinced of your decision?

My career is not going well. I was studying at a college called La Ruche, but I was placed in a shift that required special assistance, which undoubtedly had some impact on my self-confidence. My mother died when I was 10 years old. Before that, she was responsible for giving me academic help. Since then, my father has not put too much pressure on my academic achievements, so he also knows that I will embark on a less traditional employment path.

Nowadays, many visual artists also use the power of Instagram to build their own fame. How do you think the social platform will help you?

Yes, I am happy to see that the current social media platform is full of all kinds of visual artists. I think that art can be seen everywhere is definitely a happy thing. Whenever I discover a new and highly skilled artist, I will be excited. But as I said earlier, many artists will unconsciously imitate the works of other artists. I think that is the only drawback brought about by this phenomenon.

Is the filter function on Instagram a channel for you to reach out to your supporters?

Yes, the filter is indeed a very interesting feature. Although the production process is very enjoyable, it also "murders" my participation index on the social platform. There are a lot of people who track my account because of the filters I made, but I don't care about the works I created with great care. It really makes me feel a little bit frustrated. But I still believe that it is an invention that benefits more than harm, at least to let more people understand my views on art.

Which step do you think is the most difficult in the process of making these visual art films?

Probably looking for an original concept, especially when you have been doing the same job for more than 1300 days. Now I choose to believe that it is a necessary stage. When the creation process always encounters good and bad, I will not force myself any more. Sometimes I don't get much attention when I put all my hard work, but those that only take 30 minutes to get it will be very popular. So getting an interesting concept is still the most important.

What is your daily work schedule?

My work schedule is full of compactness. To this end, I must owe it to another illustrator – Ash Thorp, who influenced my work attitude. I get up every day from 5:30 – 6:00 in the morning and take my dog ​​out for a walk. After that, I usually make a large bottle of hot lemonade. After drinking it, I will start working until 11 o'clock. My first meal is usually fried tofu with some vegetables or cereal with glutinous rice, flax, cocoa beans and fruit. After eating, I will continue to work again, usually around 2 o'clock. After that, I will start to deal with some personal creations, playing with my dog, going skateboarding and reading.

Some of your videos will be accompanied by background music, is it made by your team?

I don't have a team of my own, but I have some friends who roll in the music circle. My favorite producers include Princeclub, Robert Robert, The Holy, and HighKlassified. They are the most respected musicians in the industry, and whenever I encounter a new case, they are willing to make new songs for me. I am really grateful to them.

How did your collaboration with H+ Creative begin?

H+ Creative is a creative agency based in Los Angeles. Besides me, there are many other talented artists. Hannah (founder of H+ Creative) contacted me on Instagram a year ago and offered a partnership offer. At the time, I was also interested and just looking for suitable candidates, which led to the opportunity for our cooperation. I really appreciate the creativity and vision of H+ Creative, and their support gives me the freedom to create as I like.

Do you believe that you will continue to work in the art industry after 10 years? What do you think of your future career development?

of course! There are still a lot of work attempts that I am eager to achieve. Recently I am involved in the creation of more entities, such as lighting installation art and stage design, which I am beginning to explore. At the same time, I also enjoy working with different brands. I like to put my own aesthetics on different media. As for this year's goal, I think I will want to make a large mural. That is something that I have always been interested in. It is sure to be very memorable to see that my creation appears on a wall.

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