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H+ welcomes WRLD.SPACE to family!

We are excited to announce AR and VR artist WRLD.SPACE is joining the H+ family. Clay Weishaar, known as WRLD.SPACE creates filters for Snapchat and Instagram. Across his feed there are doughnuts spinning over skylines, jellyfish floating through the sky, and cute dogs with pizzas spinning around their heads. These filters are on the rise across social media platforms. It allows a certain level of imagination and creativity, as well as interaction with the real world. WRLD.SPACE has created lenses for brands like Gucci and Spectacles. Over the years, he's also worked for Adidas, Air BnB, Netflix, and more.


While this type of immediately accessible AR is an emerging technology and market, WRLD.SPACE started playing around with it years ago. He has created immersive realities - such as The Imaginary Friends Experience, which allowed kids in the hospital to access a world of imaginary friends they could digitally place into the space. He also helped build a VR experience where people could experience a basketball clinic with the legend James Harden.

WRLD.SPACE's art looks to tell stories and express narratives new and innovative ways, always playing with the newest intersections of art and tech. Check out his Q+A to learn a little more about him and stay tuned to his amazing projects on the horizon.

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