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Jason Ebeyer's sensual characters for the Sensorium Galaxy

H+ Creative’s very own Jason Ebeyer joined forces with Sensorium Corporation to create a set of virtual characters for the Sensorium Galaxy, a social virtual reality platform which enables the seamless broadcast of synchronized virtual reality content to users all around the globe.

Mastering his craft in fusing fashion and technology with the surreal, Jason has developed over 80 unique characters and several hundred items of clothing and accessories for the Sensorium Starship. Fully equipped with a nearly endless assembly of customizable avatars, the Sensorium Starship launches into space on a nine month journey towards its ultimate destination – the Sensorium Galaxy star systems.

The Sensorium Corporation offers a radical change in the way virtual reality is experienced, enabling users to move beyond its previously solitary nature. With the help of visionaries in electronica and motion like Yann Pissenem and Sergei Polunin, the Sensorium Galaxy is comprised of themed planets that present users with different options for social interaction.

On Jason’s body of work, Brian Kean, Chief Communcation Officer of Sensorium Corporation says “Jason represents a new generation of artists that combine current trends in the world of fashion, music, technology and social interaction. This dovetails perfectly with the social virtual reality format in which we are creating the Sensorium virtual worlds,” and we couldn’t agree more.

To see more of the Sensorium Galaxy VR-demo and Jason’s collection of avatars, visit

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