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H+ Creative is ecstatic to represent talents from around the world. From way of Mumbai, India, Siddhant Jaokar is a visual artist and freelance designer, with speciality in 3D rendering and modeling. His diverse styles range from being remarkably flamboyant to comfortably sombre, resulting in eccentrically realistic depiction of human forms, automobiles, and everyday objects. Get to know more about Siddhant from our Q&A with him:

H+: Being inspired by doing daily renders, what was the self-talk or advice that allowed you to challenge yourself to this commitment?

S: Frankly speaking, there was no self-talk. The work I do currently is something I genuinely enjoy. I mostly spend 75% of my day working on either client/personal projects. In my free time I usually model random objects for my daily renders and in doing so I have built my very own kitbash library.

Kitbash is a collection of models and assets used for 3D Rendering

H+: What are the rewarding and difficult aspects of doing Everyday Projects?

S: It’s great for exploring different ideas, test out what works and what doesn’t. However, for me it got a bit monotonous lately, so I switched to doing renders every 4-5 days. Recently I also made another account to start posting some rough renders or testing some new content.

H+: At what point after graduating and getting a job did you decide it wasn’t for you and began pursuing 3D art? Looking back on that, how do you feel about that decision?

S+: After graduation when I got a job, it didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for. I was never really inclined to the life of 9 to 5. So, I decided to quit that job and start freelancing as it was something I had always wanted to try. Then, around November 2015 I saw this video by Beeple at FITC and I was really inspired by his everyday projects and decided to give it a shot. And that’s how it began. It feels great that I decided to switch freelancing full time.

H+: Apart from creating & design, what are some other activities you invest your time in?

S: I enjoy cooking, cycling, playing Rocket league and Anno.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix.

H+: How did your perspective of art change before and after you began creating?

S: I guess I never really gave any particular thought to art before but, after I started learning and working I began to realize that art was about self-expression, it is like clay that can be morphed into anything to express one’s ideas or feelings. H+: Your work ranges from automobiles, model heads, tech, gears, gizmos, and so much more. Is there a particular object or scene you favor when beginning a new project?

S: Most of my renders start off as sketches. So, I usually start building objects or assembling them from my own kitbash library. But there isn’t any specific object or scene that I begin my project with.

H+: Other than the internet, do you surround yourself with like-minded individuals or a community that influences your creative process?

S: Yeah, I sometimes have discord calls with some of my friends from my university. I have also worked on a few projects with them. We mostly discuss about daily renders, art direction, etc.

H+: After finishing a project, what do you like to do to reward yourself?

S: I like to buy and build a Gundam model after every project.

H+: What key advice could you offer to those who are thinking about becoming a freelancer?

S: I would say, just go for it! But at the same time, one also needs to be patient, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. H+: What aspect about your work do you believe expresses you the most? S: My work has diverse styles from being flamboyant to sombre. There are sometimes when I enjoy the colourful chaos and some where I just enjoy the peaceful monotones.

For more on H+ Extended Artist, Siddhant Jaokar: Visit his Behance and follow him on Instagram!

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