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Staying Strong and Being a Light with MISHKO - Q&A

Here at H+ Creative, we stand in solidarity with our allies and in support of the fight for racial and social justice. H+ Artist MISHKO created several graphics recently in response world's outcry of police brutality and white privilege. His artwork demonstrates positive messages about a dark problem in America, such as "Being a Light in this Fucked Up World" and "Stay Strong" during times like these.

H+: What does it mean for you to have the ability to influence others on being allies through your art? M: It means a lot to me! I’ve always been incredibly passionate about social change and equality for all but didn’t feel I had the platform to add much to the conversation. Now that I do, it feels really powerful to be able to lend my voice and talents towards spreading the message and hopefully educating or at least making people think. Being able to provide resources for people to post their own thoughts and share their voices during this time has been really fulfilling.

No Justice, No Peace

H+: Living in the heart of Los Angeles, how has the presence of LA protests and military affected you?

M: Living in downtown LA more than anything else means that there is nothing else on my mind then the movement at hand. Constant helicopters, sirens, and fireworks explosions combined with the military presence is giving some serious war zone vibes. It’s been really hard to think about anything else than protesting and creating for these times. Somehow I’ve still been doing some client work but it sure doesn’t feel like the priority anymore.

H+: How do you feel seeing the widespread of protesters in places like Berlin, Canada, London, and the U.K.? M: I think it says a lot about the state of our world that these protests are spreading globally. Our current systems are completely broken and minorities are left to fall through the cracks with no support. Things have to change and the pandemic really sparked a realization that our “normal” was far from okay.

Be a Light in this Fucked Up World

White Privilege Doesn't Mean Your Life Hasn't Been Hard. It Means Your Skin Color Hasn't Made It Even Harder

H+: Share with us some background information about this artwork. M: Growing up in Oregon in a town with two mayyybee three black families, I was completely blind to my privilege. After I left I started to realize more and more how much easier my life is than many of my friends of color. My personal struggles have been with mental health, and it has been really really damn difficult at times. But if I’m in a bad place and need to clear my head and go on a walk, I don’t even have to think about facing micro-aggressions, harassment, or possibly even death. A lot of white people fight against the idea of white privilege because they feel it invalidates their struggles in life. It’s important to remember that’s not really the point here.

H+: How can we be a light and further stand in solidarity with our allies? M: I think we just need to keep up the pressure on those in charge of these systems. We need to educate ourselves on the issues that black Americans face each day––as well as their dark history at the hands of white people that often gets glossed over. We need to be teaching kids about redlining, the hate/threats that MLK received before his assassination, and the ways we can be the best allies possible. Listen to black voices and don’t use these protests as an excuse to live out an anarchy fantasy. Support minority owned businesses and if you see a cop abusing their power, say something.

Acknowledge Your Privilege & Use it To Help Those Without

For more on how to stand in solidarity with Black Lives matter, visit:

For more information on H+ Artist, MISHKO: visit his website and follow him on Instagram!

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