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At H+ Creative, we're proud to be able to recognize and introduce artists worldwide. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Kota Yamaji grew up fascinated with computer graphics and video editing techniques leading him to create artwork and music videos with pleasant colors, surrealistic visuals, and a strange combination of motifs. His inspiration led him to attend Tama Art University, where he studied graphic design, computer graphics, and animation. Here's some words we shared with Kota Yamaji in this edition of Q&A with H+:

H+: Growing up as the only artist in the household, how does your family feel about your success in art?

K: My family doesn't understand much about my artwork, but they always support my activities. At times, my mother will surprise me with some magazines that have featured my work.

H+: Besides creating, what are some other activities or hobbies you’re passionate about?

K: Watching Netflix is one of my hobbies. Movies always refresh my brain. I can relax and forget about work during watching that. "Black Mirror” is one of my favorite series on Netflix.

H+: What are some tips you might share with somebody who is interested in getting started with 3D Art?

K: The most important thing is creating something everyday. Not everybody works well their first time, so don't give up and you'll survive. It's also great to watch creative communities like Behance, Vimeo, Artstation etc. A lot of creators share their works everyday. You must be inspired by them.

H+: Polka dots, animals, plants, trees, and fruit are recurring items in your designs, what is the idea behind using these objects and textures?

K: The selection of these objects is so random. The reason why I choose the objects at random is my works are inspired by surrealism. Surrealism artists are sought to channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of imagination. I adopt their thought to create my artworks.

H+: For those who are unfamiliar with the culture in Tokyo, share with us how your environment and Japanese pop culture inspires your work.

K: Tokyo is the city covered with a lot of colors and neon signs. You can find them in Kabukicho, one of the most psychedelic spots in Tokyo. I like that chaos. Not only that, I like strange fashion culture in Tokyo. You can find them in Harajuku. Harajuku is the district in Shibuya, Tokyo is known for colorful street and unique fashion culture. Compared to usual sights in Tokyo, the culture in this spot looks like very strange. That is the another chaos in Tokyo.

You can find some pieces of that in this Instagram account :

H+: In your ‘Fashion Snap’ series and some other works, you demonstrate what seems to be original designs of clothing. What does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your sense of style?

K: Exactly I tried to demonstrate original designs of clothing. There aren't a lot of clothing that suits my taste in the real world. So I tried to make original clothing in virtual world. I can model any shapes and apply any colors in 3D world, this is one of the most important reason why I use 3D. But I dream to convert virtual clothing to reality someday.

H+: What are some brands you might be interested in creating with?

K: I’m interested in creating with global fashion brands such as Nike, H&M etc...because my works are always affected by fashion. And I’m interested in tech companies like Apple, Adobe, Google. The services of these companies are essential for my creative.

H+: You’ve worked with musical artists, such as ‘INNOSENT in FORMAL’ and ‘tilt-six’, how was the process of collaborating for the visual representation of their music?

K: They trust my style, so usually they don’t make a special requests. I just try to maximize interaction between music and visual.

H+: What are some music, novels, or films that have heavily impacted the way you create?

K: I watch a bunch of films, but I have not realized that my works inspired from that. As of recent, I've been thinking about the relationship between music and visual artists. Andy Warhol produced the band "The Velvet Underground & Nico" known for their album cover with printed a banana. Not only that, he did multimedia art show for them. I'd like to try to connect music and visual art like him. That would make for an interesting activity in this lifetime.

H+: Do you have any words of advice for those who are hesitant to apply to art school?

K: Going art school is not the only way to be an artist. But you can find friends encourage each other. Good luck!

For more information of Kota Yamaji: Visit his website and follow him on socials!

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