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Backing FVCKRENDER's Surrealista Monograph Book

In the summer of 2015, self-taught digital artist Frederic Duquette, otherwise known as Fvckrender, began posting one 3D artwork on social media every day. After a bike accident left him with pain and numbness on his left side, he was waiting tables and watching software tutorials online in every spare moment. He quickly built up a unique body of work and distinctive style, which has seen him garner numerous fans. The daily posts have become an ever-expanding visual diary, a creative database and a futuristic slideshow of hallucinatory imagery.

Surrealista is the first monograph from this provocative Montreal-based creative. It brings together his complete works for the first time, clearly demonstrating its evolution from his early sepia-toned renderings towards mind-bending and eye-opening miniature worlds and a preoccupation with surface and texture.

As well as showcasing the complete works of Fvckrender and offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the 3D artist’s working processes, Surrealista is designed to be a covetable 3D object in its own right.

The book comes complete with Swiss binding, with the book-block edge covered with a fabric tape, and a tipped-in cover image. The lavish presentation includes multiple paper stocks, with cut-down text sections printed in Pantone inks. The board lining is printed with a wireframe flower design in black and silver, creating a visual reference to the way in which the artist works.

Surrealista draws out many interconnected themes that will resonate with a contemporary audience, as wide-ranging as anxiety, imagined futures, the digitization of nature, hyperreality and the surreal. Inside, backers will find an endless source of design inspiration to pore over, and the opportunity to learn more about Fvckrender’s attention-grabbing style, in his own words.

Make This Project Come to Life By Backing Surrealista:

For more information on FVCKRENDER: follow him on Instagram

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