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Using Adobe Stock to Create 3D Realities with FVCKRENDER

Frederic Duquette, otherwise known as FVCKRENDER, recently partnered up with Adobe in an effort to showcase his work and processes using Adobe Stock. Via Instagram, Frederic demonstrates his work step-by-step sharing the five-year journey he's been on that's got him where he is today.

"In this piece, for #AdobeStockRemix, I used Stock of a spider, a wrecking ball, and a flower. Then I changed the material of them to fit my style and, because of that, I was able to go straight to the lighting of my scene without getting bogged down in the draft process. I basically skipped to the final result! Check out how I made it in the tutorial above in Stories."

"Creating these landscapes is my way of creating my own digital adventures. Having access to Adobe Stock makes it so easy to add a sick background and fog elements into a scene!"

"Flowers, for me, represent the constant growth of a personality. This is mainly why I started doing daily renders - a flower doesn’t bloom overnight, and we can apply this to nearly everything in life."

For more information on FVCKRENDER, visit his artist page and follow him on socials!

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