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K-pop Group AESPA's Dreamspace by H+ Creative's Blake Kathryn

K-pop’s first Metaverse group æspa is leading it's loyal fanbase toward their digital destiny with a limited edition NFT drop in collaboration with NFT queen Blake Kathryn. H+ Creative's Blake Kathryn digitized each member of the group to expand their Metaverse ambitions and celebrate their latest album release.

The first part in the series will be open edition, meaning the NFT can be minted an unlimited number of times. The NFT will serve as an access key to holders and will come with one additional piece of digital artwork.

The second part, “Altars,” will include a set of 32 special and limited edition NFTs of each of the Aespa group members. The digital artworks will come with a personalized recording from each member discussing the artwork. The first edition of each of the Altars will go to the highest bidder and come with a signed autograph print from the artist and the four Aespa members.

The final and most rare work in the æ girls NFT collection will be called “Dreamspace.” The work is a single-edition piece that is meant to be reflective of the virtual environment for each Aespa member. “Dreamscape” holders will receive a video recording from Aespa and Kathryn, a virtual meet-and-greet with Kathryn, and — most significantly — an all-expenses paid trip to Seoul to meet the K-pop group and attend one of their concerts.

The drop will also include an open edition “my precious friends” founding members pass that offers the next generation fan base an opportunity to be a part of a new participatory culture and gain economic benefits by being on the blockchain.

For more information on Blake Kathryn, visit her profile page!

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