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MBSJQ for Williams Racing X Kraken

Williams Racing has teamed up with renowned UK digital artist MBSJQ to create the "History in the Making" collection, celebrating iconic moments from the team's illustrious past in Formula 1. MBSJQ, known for his vibrant and futuristic style, has crafted designs that capture the essence of these historical events, allowing fans to own a piece of racing history in digital form. The collaboration, driven by a shared dedication to creativity and excellence, aims to resonate with both art enthusiasts and motorsport fans.

Since 2017, MBSJQ has developed a unique style incorporating 3D art, vibrant colors, and automotive themes. His collaboration with Williams Racing focuses on authentically representing legendary moments like the 1992 British Grand Prix victory. MBSJQ meticulously researched historical photographs to infuse these moments with his distinctive artistic flair, creating a series that honors the past while pushing creative boundaries. Fans are encouraged to collect all five mementoes to celebrate Williams Racing's legacy.

For more information on MBJSQ, visit his artist portfolio!


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