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MBSJQ on the Big Screen!

MBSJQ's work is currently being showcased on a billboard that spans 12 x 8 meters, making it the largest digital facade in Europe. Located near Paris, this digital billboard is clad with a 42-ton fiber-reinforced concrete mesh, discretized into 87 modules, and designed by the specialized structural engineering firm of Guillaume Lamoureux and Romain Ricciotti of Marseille.

The mesh was inspired by calligraphy given by the late designer Pucci de Rossi to Jacques-Antoine Granjon, the CEO of The digital façade is used to display artistic and poetic content without commercial purpose. Over 250,000 cars pass by the billboard each day, making it an excellent opportunity for MBSJQ to showcase their work to a large audience in Paris. Veepee, the creator of the event sales in Europe for the past 20 years, values art and causes that align with their values and are thrilled to provide this platform for artists to exhibit their work.

For more information on MBSJQ, visit his profile page!


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