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MBSJQ's 'A Unique Journey Between Father & Daughter' on Nifty Gateway

MBSJQ's newest NFT collection in collaboration with his daughter titled, 'A Unique Journey Between Father & Daughter' drops April 14th on Nifty Gateway. Jon Quintin, known for his obsession with outer space and futuristic compositions speaks astronomical proportions, highlighting his use of vibrant colors in detailed and shimmering compositions.

In his works, Jon shares that, “As a Father. An Artist. A Very Proud Man. I couldn’t be more excited about anything more in my life... I present you a unique collaboration with my very own daughter. My Boo. My Universe.”

The displays are also being shown in several StanadrdVision Panoramic screens throughout Downtown Los Angeles and in a unique pop-up experience at the StandardVision headquarters.

For more information on MBSJQ, visit his artist page!


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