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Introducing Nubia Navarro, a talented member of our H+ Family Artists. Nubia Navarro, a Colombian graphic designer and lettering artist, creates vibrant and impactful designs that celebrate boldness, color, and creativity. Through her multidisciplinary studio, Nubikini, she continues to inspire and make a mark with her unique approach to branding, hand lettering, and illustration. Here's some words through the imaginative mind of Nubia Navarro:

H+: How would you define your creative output in three words?

Nubia Navarro: Bold, colorful and fun.

H+: What are your guilty pleasures when you're not actively working on new artistic projects?

Nubia Navarro: I really like to sit in any place to watch people go by. To make up stories about their lives. To fantasize thinking about what they do, where they go and what are those things that happen to them daily. I love to dance reggaeton with my friends and sweat like crazy. Listen to some music while walking so you feel like you are in a movie of your own life.

H+: What would your path have been if you didn't end up as a creative?

Nubia Navarro: I don't know. In the end I feel design chose me and not the other way around. I got a colorful mission in this world and it is related to feelings and emotions that go attached with what I do. But in order to answer your question, If I did not end up as a designer, maybe I would have ended up being an architect.

H+: What constitutes the highlight of your days as a creative individual?

Nubia Navarro: The highlight of my days as a creative person is very focused on feeling. Through what I feel I can generate something that makes me feel seen, heard and express myself through design and color. I find myself daily investigating how what I do generates sensations in me and in others in order to grow and inspire other people.

H+: In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of being an artist?

Nubia Navarro: I think one of the biggest challenges of being an artist is navigating between reality and fiction. It's having a little bit of craziness that people around you can connect with. I've always thought that to be an artist you have to be a little crazy, but over time that perception has really shifted towards the fact that to be an artist you have to be prepared to accept reality and change it in your own way.

H+: What are your thoughts on parallel universes?

Nubia Navarro: I really believe that there are parallel universes where we have other lives. Time and space are subjects that have interested me for a long time and that I am recently revisiting. I believe that time is what moves these universes at different times. I also believe that right now we are doing things that in other universes would be very different but that are guided by our essence or by the opposite of it. Sometimes, for an instant, those universes and ours coincide, and that is when we call it coincidence.

H+: Do you believe in the afterlife / multiple lives?

Nubia Navarro: I think I partially answered this question in the previous question. I believe that there is something after death. Our human mind makes us believe that it is a place because we cannot imagine something that we have never touched or experienced. I think that after death there is that moment free of prejudice, tranquility, love and total acceptance of who we are and what we once were. I believe that death comes when all our wounds are healed. After death we prepare to live moments in other spaces, with other people but with new wounds to heal.

H+: What is your vision of a God / higher power?

Nubia Navarro: It is funny because I have always thought that there is a higher power. I do not call it God, but we have a god inside of us that makes us decide and define and guide what our lives can be. We move and we decide things that write our destiny in some way. On the other hand, I also think there is a higher power and I call them angels. People who have been in our lives, who have been in special moments and have connected with us once and who are no longer on this plane protect us in some way. I think about them because I met them, because I know they were good people and because I know they can guide my path with their wisdom and spiritual presence.

H+: Do you BELIEVE (in aliens)?

Nubia Navarro: Yes. I love conspiracy theories too. I think aliens have been here for a long time but they think we are not prepared for them yet.

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