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[Sept. 20 SuperRare] Q&A with Blake Kathryn - Freddie Mercury's 75th Birthday

Celebrating the legend, Freddie Mercury's, 75th Birthday, Blake Kathryn presented a glamorous piano, iconic to the king's image. The environment showcases a beautiful scenic dreamscape where Freddie Mercury himself could be playing at this very moment.

SuperRare: How did you first become aware of this project, and what made you want to participate in creating an artwork celebrating Freddie Mercury?

Blake Kathryn: I was reached out to by his Estate to partake in this. The charity component itself, going towards AIDS research, had me more than happy to contribute. Upon beginning the creative process the team was so generous with providing focused insight into his history, musings and home that it created a dreamy mental space to honor him.

SuperRare: What is your favorite thing about Freddie Mercury and/or Queen and how did you incorporate that into your artwork?

Blake Kathryn: The extravagance in both his persona and performance elements is a quality I admired from Freddie since first impression. To then work with the estate and learn further of his quieter side (his garden, piano, Victorian lodge) it blended into a combination of a dreamspace I'd hope he'd find peace within.

SuperRare: What is your artist name, and tell us a little bit about you.

Blake Kathryn: My name is Blake Kathryn, a Los Angeles based visual artist. I have a background in graphic design with a strong interest in interior design and architecture. My work today is recognized for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futurist aesthetic. Outside of my work I have a deep love for film, science fiction, video games and exploration.

SuperRare: Can you describe your methodology and artistic practice?

Blake Kathryn: I have an analog process when in early concept phases. I sketch quite thumbnail-like and write out notes to hone in on a piece's intent. Upon deciding definitive details I migrate to a fully digital process crafting out a scene, exploring lighting and camera placement, as well as palette. A work's finale always ends with a detailed paint over to enhance the design to an ethereal state.

SuperRare: How did you first get introduced to Queen and/or Freddie Mercury?

Blake Kathryn: My parents loved Queen so I was familiar with their more famous works quite young. Upon becoming older I really took to admiring Freddie's charisma and self-confidence when in the public eye. He had such a positive, charming energy that just pulled folks in —that helped influence my very much introverted self to strive for the same.

SuperRare: How does Freddie inspire you? (How do you perceive him and how he changed the music or social landscape?)

Blake Kathryn: I found Freddie beyond admirable in the confidence he had in living his life truthfully. It was infectious and impossible for fans and onlookers to not feel inspired as well. His evolution as an artist is equally fascinating to see, as he translated different eras of his life through an ever-evolving progression in his songwriting and voice. It's an intimate process to listen through the chapters of his life.

SuperRare: What is your intention with the art you created, and is there anything you’d like to speak about the art in final form?

Blake Kathryn: Freddie's sanctuary was his garden lodge, which had an eclectic range of décor though first and foremost a deep-rooted love for classic Victorian touches with a Japanese influence. Infusing nods of these details with the lusciousness of an open garden, it sets a private performance into the center stage for Freddie's creative process.

For more information on Blake Kathryn, visit her artist profile!


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