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[Sept. 20 SuperRare] Q&A with MBSJQ - Freddie Mercury's 75th Birthday

MBSJQ celebrated the legend, Freddie Mercury's, 75th Birthday by creating several composition highlighting his 'Never Boring' persona. Following the theme of Mercury's words, "...just never make me boring," MBSJQ was inspired to create without any boundaries to his creativity.

MBSJQ Compositions

SuperRare: How did you first become aware of this project, and what made you want to participate in creating an artwork celebrating Freddie Mercury?

MBSJQ: I was made aware of this INCREDIBLE project by my global representative agency, H+. H+ approached me with the possibility of creating some beautiful art for a TRUE LEGEND. Freddie has always been part of my life, during childhood my sister use to play, dance and sing to Queen. Freddie’s voice was like no other. The joy & happiness's Freddie Mercury brought to our childhoods were an amazing influence & inspiration to ambition of achieving your dreams,

SuperRare: What is your favorite thing about Freddie Mercury and/or Queen and how did you incorporate that into your artwork?

MBSJQ: My favourite thing about Freddie was the fact he was just himself. AND PROUD OF IT. He was never scared to push the boundaries and this is how I can relate to him. If you are given a gift you must embrace it and share it with the world for all to enjoy.

The Freddie Mercury collaboration was the perfect fit for MBSJQ with the inclusion of vibrant colours and fantasy like was a joy to bring my style of art to the memory of the legend himself.

For more information on MBSJQ, visit his artist profile!


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