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Introducing Rzarekt, a talented member of our H+ Family Artists. Rzarekt is a versatile moving visual artist, proficient in various creative domains. With expertise in Creative Direction, 3D Animation, VFX Supervision, and VFX, Rzarekt's artistic endeavors span across multiple fields. Their passion for creating captivating visual experiences drives them to explore innovative techniques and push the boundaries of artistic expression. Here's some words from Rzarekt:

H+: How would you define your creative output in three words?

Rzarekt: Movement, Hypnotic, Vibrant

H+: What are your guilty pleasures when you're not actively working on new artistic projects?

Rzarekt: I'm trying to figure out what makes me feel guilty, maybe it would be eating breakfast cereal at night? Although arguably the best time to eat it!

Oh actually, I’ve got one, giving my cat those extra snacks when he begs me for them, he’s just too cute to deny, that truly is a guilty pleasure of mine

H+: What would your path have been if you didn't end up as a creative?

Rzarekt: All the paths that first come to mind are just other creative practices, however, if it weren't for my upbringing and lack of interest in other academic areas, I may have ended up to no good, I’m glad I had sunk my focus into creating art and following that.

H+: What constitutes the highlight of your days as a creative individual?

Rzarekt: I spend a lot of my time at my computer, but I think the highlight as a creative person is the little moments while I take a break from work, and amidst regular activities, I have a creative idea that I will then quickly write in my notes app. it’s all the little moments!

H+: In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of being an artist?

Rzarekt: Keeping at it while trying to make a living from it! I find that I grow the most artistically when I work on my ideas, so I always make sure to set aside time for them.

H+: What are your thoughts on parallel universes?

Rzarekt: Parallel universes are cool, often I can get lost in a train of thought about different pathways and decisions that can lead to widely different lives, and a lot of the “what if” timelines. Very much like a video game, which is very relatable as a 3d artist, you start to see the world and think about the textures and material properties of reality. And the infinite possibilities it’s all too much that everything and anything is possible.

H+: Do you believe in the afterlife / multiple lives?

Rzarekt: I’m open to it but I don't have one distinct representation of it, but the many stories and ideas around it are very fascinating, I think it’s hard to grasp it, but the idea of multiple lives is something that resonates with me even if there is no framework or particular idea I follow.

H+: What is your vision of a God / higher power?

Rzarekt: Something too vivid for words or imagery, resembling an intense psychedelic experience, infinitely morphing and mesmerizing, too much for one to handle.

H+: Do you BELIEVE (in aliens)?

Rzarekt: Yes, We got official ufos now! Thanks, Mark from Blink 182!

Aliens Exist! What a crazy timeline we live in, I think aliens would show themselves when they want to be seen.

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