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Victor Arce is an artist and educator from Barcelona. His graphic work is inspired by retro computer aesthetics, surrealism and the abrasive colors of glitch art.

He's interested in interdisciplinary remixing, pushing the limits and focusing on aspects such as the atmosphere and his intuition. Here's some words through the imaginative mind of Alex Valentina:

H+: How would you define your creative output in three words?

Victor Arce: Weird Magic Artifacts.

H+: What are your guilty pleasures when you're not actively working on new artistic projects?

Victor Arce: I love designing and creating card games, I never finish any of these projects, but I love pursuing them and spending hours designing the perfect game (and the perfect artwork for it).

H+: What would your path have been if you didn't end up as a creative?

Victor Arce: I probably would have gone into computer science or natural sciences, as I believe that both disciplines are closely related to art and have an undeniable creative factor. Every time I have flirted with coding applied to art, I have regretted my technical limitations in this field!

H+: What constitutes the highlight of your days as a creative individual?

Victor Arce: I know I'm at the peak of my day when I can't take my eyes off Photoshop and have to force myself to eat or sleep, but I still can't stop thinking about that artwork for a good while.

H+: In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of being an artist?

Victor Arce: Definitely organizing my time, having to pursue a whole bunch of things other than the creative exercise itself, like finding clients and job opportunities, staying relevant on social media, having to think about the balance between the art I want to make and the art that works for the public, and so on.

H+: What are your thoughts on parallel universes?

Victor Arce: I really like to think about the idea of parallel universes, although I think that if the universes are infinite and everything that is possible happens in each of them, most of them would just be copies with insignificant differences, like a car is parked a centimeter to the left in a parking lot in Ecuador, but the rest of things are exactly the same as our reality.

H+: Do you believe in the afterlife / multiple lives?

Victor Arce: I would like to think that the magical things in our daily lives, such as love, creativity or dreams, are echoes and reflections of other lives.

H+: What is your vision of a God / higher power?

Victor Arce: I consider myself an agnostic, I believe that reality is too complex and far-fetched to be the result of random explosions of gases in the universe, but neither do I believe in the presence of an entity that has power over existence.

H+: Do you BELIEVE (in aliens)?

Victor Arce: I think if they exist they would like my art!

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